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FestiGals Inc., would like to invite YOU to take part in our 2020 FestiGals Vendor Marketplace on Saturday, June 6. 


The FestiGals Women's Weekend Experience is New Orleans’ first and only women-centric festival and is held each summer for women to enjoy themselves, be inspired and become empowered in a safe, festive environment. Past participants have described it as “an event where they were able not only to restore their sense of purpose but also, recapture their dreams and rejuvenate their souls”.


As a vendor, we would like your agency/company to come out and network with our fun, fabulous ladies and showcase your products!



  • More than 1,200 women participated in FestiGals overall weekend in 2019.

  • Approximately 1,000 expected at Step Up Saturday.

  • Vendors will be promoted to our 8,000+ person email database

  • Vendors will receive mentions in our social media channels with 17,000+ Facebook Fans, 3000+ Twitter fans and 3,000+ highly active followers on Instagram.

  • 89% of our attendees are from Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. But you also get exposure to women around the country. Past FestiGals participants came from 16 states including New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Wisconsin and Virginia.

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