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The Art of Helping Others: 8 Pieces of Artwork That Will Change Lives

In addition to auctioning our top 3 Bodacious Bra Challenge bras live at the Bodacious Bras for a Cause Brunch June 24th, Chuck Mutz, the Black Tie Auctioneer, will be auctioning 8 stunning works of art, created by talented local artists! These pieces vary in size and media, from dolls to lamps to metal bras. There will even be a live painting of the event done by Kristy Oustalet of Color Me Nola. That's right, you can bid on a piece that you might be painted into! As a bonus, a piece of art by Luis Colmenares is to be unveiled at the event. His art is a hoot and you don't want to miss out!

Plus, we’ll be featuring dozens of bras from the Bodacious Bra Challenge in a silent auction during the Brunch – another chance to walk away with a reminder of your fabulous FestiGals experience, and support your sisters in need.

Every penny of the proceeds from our auctions will benefit the Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans and Breastoration. So, along with bragging rights and one of a kind decor, you'll get to help local women through their cancer journeys. If you can't make it to BBFC, but NEED one of the pieces below in your life, call into our live auction and bid on it, girl!


Simon of New Orleans

Words to Live By

Media: Wood and Paint

Starting bid: $100​

Simon is an iconic artist and folk art pioneer who embodies the spirit of New Orleans. He's honored to help support FestiGals and raise money for women with cancer. Simon has an incredible passion for life and expresses himself through the witty words and colorful displays seen all over the city-including the entire news set for WGNO "News with a Twist." For the FestiGals art auction, he created something to empower whoever wins it, Simon style.

See more of Simon's work here.


Connie Born

MisChief Ms. Bodacious FestiGal

Mixed Media: Italian Lambskin, Button and Metal Collage, Ostrich Feathers, Tulle, Glass & Metal Beads and Metal Accents

Starting bid: $300

“FestiGals colors of orange and pink and we are all about cocktails and stilettos.” These simple instructions from my friend, Stephanie Oswald, were all I needed to hear for the inspiration to begin this piece. Going straight into my leather closet, I immediately found the perfect two pieces of Italian Lambskin, grabbed some orange & pink Ostrich feathers, made a visit to the FestiGals websites and this fabulous FestiGal was dancing in my head. She has been a pleasure to create for such a fabulous group and a great cause. I am Artist Connie Born and she is MisChief Ms. Bodacious Festigal 2017! She is sure to bring smiles!


See more of Connie's work here.


John Hodge

Patron Saint of Cancer, St. Peregrine

Media: Clay

Starting Bid: $50

John Hodge makes decorative pottery, Milagros and ex-votives in glazed and painted finishes. Every piece of pottery that he makes generates from clay or slip (liquid clay) that has been mixed in his studio. “I have begun to think of this clay and slip as a source of energy which I enhance with special additions, including holy water and fountain from our favorite churches and fountains in Rome”, says John. The cross symbol with the signature indicates that the holy water has been used in the creation of this special piece.

See more of John's work here.


Joyce Laporte

FestiGals Stiletto Stroll

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Starting Bid: $300

Inspiration for the piece came from my admiration for this organization. I usually include my Creole Lady but this one I created strictly for FestiGals. I painted all shapes and forms so all ladies can identify with one of them.

See more of Joyce's work here.


Molly Kimball and Kristin Malone of Home Alone


Porcelain | Gold Leaf | Gold Wire | Lamp

Starting Bid: $200

"We are always stronger than we imagine. Whatever challenges chisel away at our bodies mind and spirit, we are filled with a power, strength and wholeness that is beyond our comprehension.”

See more of Molly's work here.

See more of Kristin's work here.


Luis Colmenares

Queen for a Day


Starting bid: $300

Artist Pablo Picasso said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction”. Metal artist Luis Colmenares creates beauty out of pieces of metal, turning scrap into something meaningful. Pictured is his “Queen for a Day”, cold-rolled steel plasma cut by hand into a decorative Mardi Gras mask bra - colorful, painted with clear car paint - designed to make the wearer “feel like royalty”. His second piece, "Hooter, the Owl” will be unveiled at the brunch.

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