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We're Glued to FestiTalker Courtney Elmer, Find Out Why!

Courtney is a Success Coach & Transformational Speaker known for her ability to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders pinpoint and eliminate the underlying causes of stress and overwhelm in their life and business.

After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25, Courtney’s life came to a screeching halt. During her treatment and recovery, she realized that she had unknowingly fallen into the trap of believing that stress, exhaustion, and burnout was simply a “normal” way of life for any leader who desired success. This awakening stirred something deep within her heart and influenced her to drop everything and walk away from her 8+ years of success in the Network Marketing industry and create the coaching company she now runs, where she helps others learn how to #StressLESS and #LiveMORE.

Drawing from her extensive team-building, leadership, speaking, and business experience, as well as the personal development she has invested in on her own through private coaching and continuing education, Courtney now helps leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs learn how to operate from a place of peace, calm, and clarity. She is dedicated to showing people how they can have success AND live a vibrant and fulfilling life without feeling like they have to sacrifice one for the other.

Courtney has a unique gift for connecting with her audiences and ensuring they walk away with simple, actionable strategies for lasting change. Each and every strategy she shares is one that she has tried and tested on herself first, to determine how effective it is and whether it’s even worth sharing. (She’ll be the first to tell you that she doesn’t share anything she herself doesn’t use and believe in!) She then breaks these strategies down into small, simple steps that when acted upon, bring about massive results for those who implement them.

Why you should come to FestiGals and see Courtney Elmer's presentation at FestiTalks Presented by Cox Communications:

Courtney’s clients consistently rave about the breakthroughs they’ve achieved and more importantly, how supported they felt along the way. In just 5 minutes during her presentation at FestiTalks, she'll be help you to harness that power within you to control how you feel and create the happy and fulfilling life you deeply desire!

To learn more about this dynamic woman, visit her on her social networks:

Twitter and Instagram: CourtneyElmer_


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