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FestiTalks: Stasia Cymes

Stasia Cymes is known as New Orleans #1 professional organizer. Naturally, we were thrilled when she agreed to be one of FestiGals' first FestiTalks presenters! Truth is, divas tend to be little clutter bugs. We need help. However, Stasia says, "forget about getting organized."

WHAT?!? At FestiTalks, in five minutes, she will tell you why it is time to shift your focus. "Instead of trying to organize your clutter I encourage you to let your clutter go!"

Easier said than done you say?

Be brave. "You have the power to change your personal environment and to improve your quality of life simply by downsizing." Click here for the original article and read Stasia's tips.

Catch up with Stasia before the event: Follow Stasia on Facebook

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