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Go Best Friend, That's My Best Friend

Happy best friend day!

Where would we be without the love of our best friend?? I know if it weren’t for my

best friend, I wouldn’t have anyone to tell me what’s what.

In my time on this planet, I’ve been lucky enough to come across so many beautiful

people that I’m lucky enough to call my friends; friends who are there to boost me

up and help me succeed.

But a best friend is someone who does all that and goes the extra mile. Someone

who’s not afraid to say, “Hey, that dress maybe isn’t the best look for you. Here, try

this one.” Or, “You just heard about FestiGals and thought about how much fun it

would be to go together too?? I was just about to text you!”

Isn’t this the perfect day to make plans with your best friend to

attend FestiGals? Since New Orleans was recently ranked the No.1 place to get away with the girls by, I can't imagine a better setting for FestiGals! My bestie and I are planning our matching GLO-outfits for the

Stiletto Stroll.

Can’t wait to see you and your bestie there!

To read more about great girlfriend getaway spots, head on over to .

Check out some of our favorite pics of great besties at last year's Stiletto Stroll!

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