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Rave Bra vs. Bodacious Bra: Who Did it First?

As I laid in bed, Pinteresting my life away trying to come up with bra-spiration for

my Bodacious Bra entry, I kept coming across something called a ‘rave bra.’ If you

are unfamiliar with a rave bra, it is a decorated bra worn to music festivals in place

of traditional tops. And they look strikingly similar to our Bodacious Bras!!

bodacious bras
rave bras

Who did it first though??

From my intense Google search (aka clicking on page 2), from what I can gather, our

Bodacious Bras have been around longer! This will be the fifth year of our Bodacious

Bras fundraiser and the second year for the Bra Challenge. From what I can tell,

rave bras have been popular only in the last three or four years. Not saying that they

were completely unheard of beforehand, but definitely not as popular.

So did rave bras get the hint from our Bodacious Bras?? Who’s to say. We’d sure like

to think so though. ;)

Want to create your own Bodacious/rave bra? It’s not too late! Sign up on our

website, start crafting, and start fundraising! The deadline to sign up is June 15 –

only 8 DAYS away!! The last day to fundraise is July 11.

Do you have what it takes? May the best bra win! To Bling a Bra and raise money for women on the Cancer journey click here.

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