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Meet Febe!

Have you ever wondered who the fabulous girl in our logo is? Well… That’s Febe!

Febe, short for FestiBestie, is our mascot and we love her dearly. Here are some facts you should know about her:

  1. She loves everything New Orleans

  2. She eats, sleeps, & breathes FestiGals

  3. She enjoys brunch at the Court of Two Sisters

  4. Her favorite things include the color pink, a snoball from Hansen’s and mimosas

  5. Febe is all of us! She’s you, she’s me, she’s a FestiGal!

Febe is a fun-loving girl who isn’t afraid to have a good time but also knows when to get serious. Meet Febe at FestiGals this July 28-30th at the JW Marriott!

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