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Grand Diva 2018: Stephanie Burks

Stephanie Burks

Owner/Vice-President and Division Leader of Administration

RYCARS Construction, LLC

Stephanie Burks, Co- Founder, Vice- President, and Division Leader of Administration for RYCARS Construction, LLC, is the spearhead of the RYCARS brand.  RYCARS Construction, LLC began operations in 2002 out of an office in her home.  The name of the company was extremely important to Stephanie.  It needed to hold great value for generations to come.  Stephanie derived the name of the company by creating an acronym using each family member’s first name.

As Vice-President and Divisional Leader of Administration, Stephanie oversees the Accounting Department, Human Resources Department, and other daily administrative duties.  She has built a strong team of professionals in her department in which, she enjoys watching them grow and develop in the construction industry.


 As Co-Founder and Vice-President she also assists in day to day of operations of RYCARS.  RYCARS, has completed over $150 million dollars in commercials roofing and construction projects for over 85 different customers in a variety of facilities such as; healthcare, multi-family-units; institutions, hotels, water treatment facilities and military bases. Prior to her co-founding RYCARS Construction, LLC, Stephanie attended the University of New Orleans, in New Orleans. Stephanie made the decision after she had children to be a stay at home mother (domestic engineer) for several years. After which she was employed by Cox Communications.  At Cox Mrs. Burks assisted in the implementation of telecommunications services throughout the New Orleans Metropolitan Area.  She also served in the capacity of a Collections Recovery Specialist for BellSouth Telecommunications. 


From the humble beginnings inside the one room of her home to now three locations, in Kenner, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia grossing $15 million in revenue in 2010, Stephanie Burks is proud to be part owner in RYCARS Construction, LLC.  RYCARS has performed work successfully on projects in ten (10) states: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia. RYCARS has recently graduated out of the 8a Business Development program for small businesses. RYCARS is a certified Small Disadvantage Business and a Minority Business Enterprise. In 2012 RYCARS was listed in Black Enterprise 40th Special Anniversary Edition as one of the Nation’s Largest Top 100 Black Businesses.


As a leader of RYCARS, Stephanie is responsible for all contributions and always looking for different ways to give back into the community, not only monetarily but by being a positive mentor and engaging in community service. RYCARS has contributed over $350,000.00 in the form of scholarships and donations

Stephanie is a member UNCF Leadership Council, serves as a President on the Ballet Resource and Volunteer Organization for NOBA. She sits on the Advisorary Board Member for Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business and she’s member of the National Small Business Association, just to name a few. 


Stephanie grew up in Destrehan, Louisiana.  Stephanie is married to Ryan and they have three children Arielle, Ryan II and Caleb.  Stephanie loves to read, spend time with her family, shop the latest fashions, photography and to travel extensively. She also has completed a half marathon in Atlanta, Ga and participated in various 5k and 10k races locally.  Stephanie appreciates the sunrise and the sunset because it is the beginning of a new day and new decisions. She believes, “I’m better than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow.”



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