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Our Mission

FestiGals is a nonprofit organization that inspires, connects and celebrates women while supporting causes important to their well-being.


FestiGals Women's Weekend Experience is New Orleans’ first and only women-centric festival and is held each summer for women to enjoy themselves, be inspired and become empowered in a safe, festive environment. Past participants have described it as “an event where they were able not only to restore their sense of purpose but also, recapture their dreams and rejuvenate their souls”. There is no membership fee and you are free to come for the weekend, a day or for any event that fits into your schedule. Our program is developed annually by the FestiGals Dynamic Diva Advisory Committee, a brilliant group of women who know what women want and support the good works of our nonprofit organization. FestiGals was created by Diane Lyons. FestiGals weekend is produced by Diane Lyons & ACCENT-DMC, a DMC Network Company.

Diane Lyns FestiGals
Diane B Lyons, CMP, DMCP
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