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Grand Diva 2019: Amanda Shaw 


On the rise singer and Cajun fiddler raised across the lake in Mandeville, Louisiana. She began studying violin at the age of 4 and by 8 she was performing her classic Cajun style of music. We've seen her rock the stage all over town, and most notably, at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

"Music is in my soul-

it's in every beat of my heart. My wish is that everyone who experiences [my] performance is able to feel the joy and beauty music brings to my life,"

-Amanda Shaw 

Mix a little bit of country and Cajun, with a touch of Rock-n-Roll and Blues, and you have a funky Louisiana flavor that fiddler and singer Amanda Shaw brings every time her high heels dance across a stage. Amanda's passion for her culture is evident in the diverse blend of music she creates with every note she plays.

Becoming a classically trained violinist at age four, Amanda studied music at Southeastern Louisiana University Community Music School and has been memorizing fans with locally- infused performances for nearly twenty years. As a young child, Amanda was inspired by artists such as Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Bonnie Raitt and others that influenced the entertainment industry. Similar to those artists, Amanda made a name for herself by achieving goals and breaking records like becoming the youngest soloist to perform in the Baton Rouge Symphony at the tender age of eight.
Amanda’s award-winning music and high-energy performances with her band, The Cute Guys, produce a unique balance of mainstream harmonies with grassroots charm. She continues to master her technique by putting a personal Louisiana twist on performances at festivals and events around the world – locally, regionally and internationally. With regular appearances at iconic events such as French Quarter Festival and Jazz Fest, Amanda has become a crowd favorite and a festival staple.

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