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Meet Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson, "Making Great Things Happen: Five Steps for Making a Shift to a Healthier, Happier, Better Life"

Tory Johnson, “Making Great Things Happen: Five Steps for Making a Shift to a Healthier, Happier, Better Life”


Tory Johnson helps women make great things happen. After a painful corporate firing in her early 20s, Tory shifted from employee to entrepreneur and built two multi-million dollar women career-focused businesses – Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle. Along the way, she became a popular regular on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Now, after a second major shift – losing more than 60 pounds in a year – she is helping others change their minds for a better life at home and at work.

Tory’s transformation impacted every aspect of her life. A few weeks before Christmas 2011, a conversation with an ABC News executive gave Tory the inspiration she needed to conquer her life-long weight problem. Tory wasn’t about to return to yet another get-slim-quick diet. It was time to make a major shift in the way she looked, felt and lived. Her subsequent No. 1 New York Times bestseller, The Shift, is her answer to women who asked, “Tory, how’d you do it?”

Along with helping other women end the cycle of pain, discomfort and dissatisfaction that comes with being fat, Tory also believes that everyone’s health is intricately tied to their wealth. Her Five Steps to Making a Shift apply to anyone trying to change her life, whether it’s getting ahead at work, ramping up a small business or getting out of a personal rut.

In 1999 – after being unexpectedly fired from a job at NBC News that she thought she’d have forever – Tory started Women For Hire in the corner of her bedroom with twin babies crawling at her feet. Armed only with an AOL address and dial-up Internet service, she wasn’t thinking fancy because she had one simple hope: make a decent living to support her family and help women find jobs. And for the past 15 years, she has done that and a whole lot more. Tory knows firsthand that anyone can take very deliberate steps to apply essential strategies to turn their passion and purpose to profit.

Tory had no trust fund, no college degree, no celebrity endorsements, and no impressive Rolodex. She started with just two things: a spark of an idea and some serious hustle to make it happen. While it may appear that she got lucky, the truth is that it’s been a series of consistent actions that have enabled her to become the owner of a thriving business even as others have suffered greatly through the recession. And it’s the same hustle that has led to success on TV and in print.

In 2010, a trend emerged – more and more women wanted to start their own business and be their own boss. Tory set out to provide unique, hands-on programming to help current and aspiring women entrepreneurs turn their passion into a profit – and Spark & Hustle was born. Today Spark & Hustle provides a variety of programs from conferences serving hundreds of women to the more intimate premium intensive programs.

If you are inclined to believe those infomercials or sales pitches promising gobs of money for sitting on your sofa and doing very little, then meeting Tory won’t be fun. She knows that ideas are a dime a dozen, but the magic is in the execution. It’s all about the hustle, which shouldn’t be mistaken for lots of busy fluff. Tory was never a cheerleader. Quite the opposite: she was a state high school debate champ.