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Mother’s Day Requires More Than Mushy Cards

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So right about now you are glancing at your calendar and realizing the May is just a few days away. You are already fearing the end of the school year when the kids are staring at you all day wanting entertainment or your are trying to figure out what summer camps your are going to enroll them in to keep them busy while you work.

In addition to that you know that Mother’s Day is looming. Of course you are not thinking about Mother’s Day for yourself but instead what you are going to get your mother. Ugh…I know. How many times have you racked your brain trying to think of something good to get her that says everything it needs to like your are not old, you mean so much to me, and I appreciate all you do to keep me and my family going…your babysitting is invaluable.

You have done the purse, the massage, the earrings she’ll never wear, the flowers, and the mushy cards. What’s left?

You want to be the daughter who gives the gift that she talks about with her friends and that brings the big smile to her face instead of the polite acknowledgement of your gift when she opens it.

Nothing says you’re not old and I appreciate you like quality time. Of course you want a get-a-way for yourself too. So spare hubby the embarrassment of the outfit he picked out for you that is the wrong size and from a store that you would never set foot in.

Get tickets for you and your mom to take a break from the real world. You know you are crazy busy juggling the work, the housework, soccer practice, and what’s for dinner. Take some time to unwind with your mom. You deserve it. She deserves it.  So make it happen!

FestiGals is designed to transform your mind to a million miles away from reality. Cocktails, a cause and great company are the recipe for a Mother’s Day that she, and you, will never forget. Join us to celebrate taking time for yourself!